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Welcome to City Clerk

The City Clerk is the Custodian of Records for the City of Glendale and the City's Election Official responsible for all General Municipal and Special Elections. The City Clerk's primary responsibility is to accurately record the actions and proceedings of City Council and Housing Authority meetings; administer the City's Records Management Program; maintain the Municipal Code; administer regulations relating to the Fair Political Practices Commission, and research and provide information to the public and City personnel. A current directory of City Boards & Commissions, their vacancies, and the regular meeting dates, is also maintained by the City Clerk's office.

The office is responsible for the coordination and preparation of City Council and Housing Authority agendas. Complete agenda packets are available for review in the City Clerk's office and on the City's website. The City Clerk's office provides ongoing administrative support to the City Council and City staff.

Your City Clerk, Dr. Suzie Abajian
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