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Downtown Glendale: 18-Hour City

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Glendale’s economic development programming is designed to promote an “18-Hour City” that is business-friendly and also provides a vibrant environment for people to live, work and be entertained. An 18-hour city generates financial success for the City’s businesses which provides jobs for its residents, and in turn, funds City services for its residents. 

Economic Development focuses its outreach on interesting operators that appeal to Glendale’s worker population and expand the day in Glendale from breakfast time until late at night.  This outreach is achieved through targeted marketing efforts like the "Meet Me on Brand" campaign below and efforts to bring in additional breweries and taprooms.


Experience Glendale 

Are you looking for things to do and see in the City of Glendale? Immerse yourself in the Jewel City's community and culture by adding these ten experiences to your list of things to do. 


Meet Me on Brand...for a drink. for dinner. for a walk. for a meeting. for a date.

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Brand has it all for people who live here, work here, and who want to explore here, seven days a week 18-hours a day. Meet Me On Brand is the official marketing effort of the Economic Development Division to promote an 18-Hour Day on Brand Boulevard.

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Craft Beer Brewery Attraction

Craft breweries are expanding in Southern California like never before. Glendale would like to formally welcome craft beer to the Glendale area. With one brewery already located in Glendale's industrial area and thriving, there is opportunity for growth and clustering in the San Fernando Corridor. Read a recent article about growth of craft beer in the area here.

Looking to open a brewery or taproom in Glendale? Contact us at to discuss site selection and assistance the Economic Development Division can provide your business.